Cargo bike

How to carry your gear? Its a question we get asked a lot so we thought we’d put together a brief overview to help you choose the best option.

Rear rack or basket? Heavier loads are best on the back of the bike where it wont affect the handling so much but baskets are quicker and  easier, whilst also letting you keep an eye on your belongings.

Backpacks  – The go-to option for most riders that won’t require adding any ‘clutter’ to your bike. Downside is the limited capacity and fact they can get hot to wear in summer.

Pannier / back pack (2 way bag) – The ‘holy grail’.  Lets the bike take the strain while your riding but wearable off the bike. There  are some compromises in terms of ease and durability but its pretty perfect for the commuter.

Handlebar / stem bags – Ideal for carrying a few bits and pieces (wallet, phone, keys etc) or a drink and keeping them close at hand. Most commuters will need more capacity but its good for a quick trip to the shops or to attach to your road bike when you’re setting off for a long ride.

Porter racks – Large capacity / load so perfect for heavier or irregular sized luggage – often used by messengers for that reason.

There are some other considerations and one of our store mechanics will gladly give advice. A wider handlebar could make handling a bike with weight on the front that much easier. Or consider wider tyres for a more comfortable ride under heavier loads.

Showa Industries wood wire basket

Fairweather stem bag

Wonder Baggage 2 way bag and Nizyu Kano daily racksack

Fairweather 2 way pannier / backpack

tokyobike original wire basket

Outer Shell – Drawcord handlebar bag

Nitto M18 front rack

Porter rack