Copenhagen Wheel

“Reinventing the wheel”. There has been much hype surrounding electric bikes in recent years but with the Copenhagen Wheel the technology seems to have finally come of age. With no battery pack to cart around, a seamless integrated design and power provided automatically just when you need it, the Copenhagen Wheel is a game changer.


RIDE MODES – several ride options from Turbo to Exercise mode help customise your ride experience.

IMMUNE SYSTEM – self diagnostics enable the wheel to be easily maintained and fixed.

BRAKING ASSISTANCE – pedal backwards to brake, capture energy and recharge the wheel.

METRICS  – record and measure your ride with the app to get biometrics and ride performance data.

ZERO LEARNING CURVE – the Wheel learns how you ride.

FUTURE-PROOF – downloadable updates.

SECURE DIGITAL KEY – lock / unlock the wheel with your phone.

You can test the Copenhagen Wheel at our London stores by appointment ( or purchase the wheel here.