Fitting Instruction for Mudguards

Fitting instruction for tokyobike mudguards.

*THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE JUST A BASIC GUIDE OF HOW TO FIT THE MUDGUARDS. We advise bringing your bike to a shop for a professional fitting.

(1) Remove front wheel. Unscrew and remove front brake caliper. Insert front fender on to the caliper and retighten it. (2) Attach fender stays to the fender (Rear one is longer than front) with the bracket on each side. (3) Grease and secure the stay to the fork eyelet and screw on the frame. (4) Make sure the fender isn’t rubbing on the tyres and tighten brake caliper and bracket for the stays. (5) Remove rear wheel and secure fender to bike frame eyelet near the crank. Here you have to use the bolt with the washer. (6) Remove brake caliper and bend fender bracket into place making sure that the bracket is clear of the tyre. (7) Make sure the bracket is clear of the tyre. (8) Re-attach brake caliper. (9) Attach the fender stay with the bracket provided. (10) Grease and secure the stays to the lower eyelets on the rear dropouts.(11) Replace wheel and make sure its positioned properly in the dropouts. (12) Secure the stay and make sure its clear of the tyres.