The Beauty of Everyday things

The title of the book by Soetsu Yanagi and its subject, which reflects on how products should be designed with “care and built to last, treated with respect and even affection”, was the inspiration for a selection of some of our favourite designs from Japan.

There is no tokyobike included here but there is an honesty and simplicity to the design of the bicycle and its inherently utilitarian nature that resonates with us. In choosing to surround our bicycles with ‘everyday things’ we are emphasising our feeling that the bicycle is simply a tool for daily life – it should be well made and built to last whilst avoiding trends or technology that can lead to obsolescence.

The seemingly endless quest to mass produce for lower costs is acquiescing to the growing acceptance we need to consume less. Despite the fact the book comprises writings from previous generations its very prescient and encourages us to transform our relationship with the objects that surround us.

“Objects like these exemplify the enduring appeal of simplicity and function: the beauty of everyday things.”