Kitchen Tools

We’ve been spending less time cycling and more time at home in the kitchen, cooking and eating, to help us through dark, damp, days of winter. Here is a selection of some of our kitchen favourite things from Japan. See more kitchen items.

Donabe “earthenware pots” are found in every family kitchen in Japan and are perfect for winter gatherings of family and friends.

Simple, functional and beautiful. Kitchen tongs by Sori Yanagi for cooking or serving.

A Japanese whetstone for maintaining knives in an elegant wooden holder that will look good on the kitchen counter.

Made from a single piece of Hiba wood these chopping boards have natural anti bacterial properties and a softness that wont blunt your knives.

Oroshigane (grater) is is an essential tool in the Japanese kitchen – these ones are produced by Oya Seisakusho, founded in 1949 in Tokyo.


Surikogi and suribachi are traditional Japanese pestle and mortar, commonly used for grinding sesame seeds and spices.