Travel Light

With the changing season its time to take the weight off your back and let the bike do the heavy lifting. Here are some ideas for where to stash your stuff whilst riding in the summer months.

New to tokyobike are the RAL ex Loader pannier bags by Sim Works –  providing just enough space for the essentials (a light jacket, bento box and  laptop), its made from hard wearing cordura with a solid construction. Combined with the contemporary look, its the perfect bag for commuting or day trips.

Or if you are travelling really light, pop your keys and phone in a stem pouch, right where you can see them. From Blue Lug bike shop in Tokyo, these handy pouches are fully waterproof and fit neatly and securely to your stem so they are easily accessible and always in sight.

One of the joys of summer cycling is the feeling of freedom, moving lightly through the breeze, so don’t spoil it with a lumpy rucksack stuck to your back! For packing advice pop into the store and chat to one of the team.