Tyres can really alter the riding experience. For help selecting replacement tubes and tyres for your existing tokyobike or for some general things to consider when looking at different tyre options, the following guide should help.


To work out your wheel / tyre / tube  size its best to read off the side of your existing tyre.


Confusingly there two different standards for measuring tyres but if you go by the ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation) specification highlighted in red below you’ll get the correct tyres and tubes.

As an example, tokyobike standard tyres that come fitted to the CS26 and Bisou models are 26×1.15 (32-559 ETRTO) 559 is the diameter and 32 is the width.

For alternative tyres for this model you must find exactly the right diameter (559) then look for a different width – either narrower or wider depending on the ride you are after.

Tyre width

Generally speaking, narrower, higher pressure tyres will give a firmer but faster ride and wider, lower pressure tyres would be slower but softer and more forgiving on uneven or rougher ground.

Certain factors limit the tyre width eg  the type of wheel or any accessories you have fitted like mudguards. The chart below is based on the standard setup of tokyobike models and gives an idea of options.


Inner tube sizing

The same rules apply when selecting inner tubes although there is a little ‘wiggle room’ as the same tube will often be suitable for multiple wheel sizes. Look out for the ETRTO sizes shown on the packaging or ask for advcice.

Tyre Pressure

Again, there are 2 different units of measurement but look for the PSI figure. Using the same Bisou / CS tyre as an example you’ll be able read off the sidewall 40-80 PSI (2.8-5.5 BAR) which is the minimum and maximum air pressure recommended. For best performance, regularly check pressure (every week or two) and keep topped up to the maximum.

A selection of 650c (571) tyres you could fit to 650c tokyobike models.

K-196 Our standard double-wall tyre from Kenda. 650x25c (25-571)

Pasela from Panaracer, Japan. The soft side-wall gives a classic aesthetic and a soft comfortable ride. 650x28c (28-571). These are fractionally wider than the standard tyres.

Continental Gaotrskin. One of the best known, puncture resistant brands, these tyres are durable with a strong side-wall tyre 650x23c (23-571). Slightly narrower than tokyobike standard options.

Vittoria Rubino Pro G2.0, with new material Graphene+
Extra grip and more cushion for a comfortable ride. 650x23c (23-571) *Narrower

Ae selection of 26″ (559) tyres that would fit 26″ tokyobike models.

C-1384 Our standard tyre for 26″ tokyobike models 26″x1.15 (32-559)

Pasela from Panalacer, 26″x1.50 (37-559) this width gives you soft and stable riding. *Wider

Schwalbe Marathon, puncture-proof, long-lasting tyre works with/without mudguards. 26×1.25 (32-559)

Schwalbe Marathon plus, extra-tough tyre, also comes in narrower width gives fast speed. 26×1.0 (25-559) *Narrower

Here are the selection of 20″ (451) tyres you could fit 20″ tokyobike models.

K-193, Black version of standard Mini Velo tyre 20×1 1/8 (28-451), good for colour customisation.

Schwalbe One, high-performance sporty tyre for Mini Velo model, 20×1 1/8 (28-451)