Winter Warmers

We’re preparing for another winter spent mainly outdoors! Whether hiking across the heath or gathering in a beer garden its best to dress for the occasion. Here is our pick of the best accessories to keep you toastie over the inclement months.

Saredo strive for sustainability through the use of recycled materials. The concept was formed in 2012 and production started in 2014. Waste cotton from the yarn spinning factory is dyed and spun to produce the cotton, while surplus blankets and jumpers are repurposed for their wool. Production is slow, using on old fashioned knitting machines in Nara (also known as sock city!)

Halo Commodity carefully balance function with fashion, producing headwear that serves a purpose. Each season the designs slowly evolve based on the experience of the team and feedback from their community. Their range covers technical products to more lifestyle / fashion orientated designs and we’ve picked a few styles from this season to keep us warm this winter.

Tet is based Kagawa Prefecture, an area that has been producing gloves since the Meiji era. Their concept was to develop original glove designs with a view to maintaining the skills and production expertise synonymous with the area at a time when the majority of production had moved overseas. Each piece is carefully made with the know-how accumulated over generations and the delicate handiwork of craftsmen backed by modern technology.

We have chosen to carry a few styles that have a good combination of character and function. From playful knitted gloves to ‘workers’ gloves that would typically be worn by tradesmen or factory employees but work just as well when gardening or riding!

IITO produce a small range of everyday ‘basics’ with a focus on the quality of thread.
The sweatshirts are made from a textile Mid-Air ® developed by Daiichibo, a manufacturer established in Arao City, Kumamoto Prefecture in 1947. They are unique in that they handle every process from spinning to knitting to dyeing allowing them to control quality and adhere to the highest environmental standards.
Mid-Air ® utilises their spinning technology by adding air during the production process creating a soft, lightweight material that has good heat retention properties. Polyurethane is used to provide stretch while flat seams add to the comfort.
Probably the softest, lightest, warmest sweatshirt you’ll ever own.